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Coaching – Questions and Answers

Question: What is coaching?

Answer: Coaching is an educational approach where the ‘coachee’ is supported by the coach to reach their goals in their personal or working life.


Question: What does coaching involve?

Answer: The coaching process starts with identifying your goals and then planning activities that  will help you to reach those goals. If you know where you want to be, you are more likely to get there! Your thoughts and behaviour influence what you get from life. Coaching is concerned with examining thoughts that can lead to limiting self-beliefs and putting new ways of doing things into practice. For example, we might discuss issues that are bothering you at work and plan actions to help change self defeating behaviour – actions such as developing better ways of communicating with colleagues, acknowledge what you do well or looking at what skills you might need to develop to get the best from your job. We might explore relationship difficulties in your personal life and identify conflict resolution techniques and ways to be more assertive.


Question: Would it suit me? I have a range of problems affecting my life.

Answer: If you are willing to look at what you do well and can build on that with the coach’s support, then you are likely to benefit from coach


Question: I’m interested in having coaching, but how committed would I need to be? I’m a bit of a procrastinator.

Answer: You need to be willing to experiment and do things a bit differently, whilst staying true to who you are – it’s not about having a personality transplant! Coaching is about what YOU can do that can lead to greater success and DOING MORE of that. We might agree on assignments between sessions, such as updating your C.V. for career development, or using stress management strategies.


Question: OK – so what problems do you cover?

Answer: First let’s reframe ‘problems’ to ‘challenges’! There is a difference between the two words. The problem focused way of trying to resolve your dilemmas can tend to be somewhat static – looking for answers within the problem can often generate stuckness. If you see your issues as a challenge, though, you are more likely to overcome them with solution focused actions. Maybe you have identified a pattern of failed relationships, perhaps the team you’re leading isn’t gelling, or money slips through your fingers – these challenges in life can cause frustration, anxiety and that sense of being stuck. Coaching could be the first step to ‘finding the difference that makes the difference’  – if you’re willing to give it a go!


Question: How often would I have to meet you? Is it face to face?

Answer: I usually have an initial session face to face with you or by Skype or ‘phone, then up to 8 further sessions. Every session lasts a full hour and can be spread over the months so that you have time to put into practice the assignments you have agreed to do.


Question: Can you guarantee I will be successful?

Answer: If you commit yourself to making realistic changes, if you are willing to make a plan AND if you are prepared to put your plan into action, then you are likely to succeed.


Comments from grateful coaching clients – ‘If I hadn’t had the coaching when I  was returning to work, I don’t think I’d have survived the first day!’      ‘Jen gave me support when I most needed it. Things are much better at home now – I’ve found better ways of coping’    ‘I used to get through the week in an alcoholic fog, but it didn’t help with my difficulties. Coaching was a much more effective way of  looking at my relationships and dealing with them.’


Jen Popkin, M A Education, M Sc Counselling, Diploma in Life Coaching, Diploma in Business Performance Coaching – I am an experienced coach and therapist of several years standing, working with individuals and organisations both in the public and in the private sector.

Helping you reach your goals is my aim!

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