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Mediation Counselling

A Holistic approach to a difficult time

Frequently asked questions Read more


Coaching – Questions and Answers

Question: What is coaching?

Answer: Coaching is an educational approach where the ‘coachee’ is supported by the coach to reach their goals in their personal or working life. Read more


A Day in the Life of a Counsellor, Coach & Mediator

I start my day at 6.30 a.m. down the pool. I’m a bit bleary-eyed but I know the swim wakes me up! As a ‘treat’ I might have a lie in until 7 and do a half hour workout at home.
My work is sedentary and I need to keep fit and alert for clients, so exercise is important – also, I don’t want ‘therapist’s bottom!’ Then it’s breakfast, admin. which includes Read more


TRAUMA – The Hidden Wound

‘Time seemed to slow down’   ‘the worst part of it was I couldn’t help them’   ‘it was as if I’d floated up to the ceiling, looking down on what was happening to me’   ‘ I was frozen with fear’   ‘she said, after the accident, that I wasn’t the man she had married’  These are just some of the typical comments that people make when discussing their traumatic experiences. Read more


Clash or communicate?

‘Whenever we have a meeting, I feel he’s always putting me down!’
‘She’s over-emotional when I try to explain something!’

Sounds familiar? We often put such comments down to a ‘personality clash’ and feel helpless, nothing can be done about it except to have as little as possible to do with the other person. They’re ‘just an awkward customer.’ However, something can be done about difficult Read more


EMDR and Supporting Traumatised Clients

I have been a counsellor for over thirty years and during that time I have sustained my interest in helping people who have been traumatised. My work has included supporting family members where there has been a homicide, counselling adults abused as children for the NSPCC and clients referred by their insurance companies for personal injury claims. Read more

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